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Calorie Counting App

The Resist Hunger Calorie Counting App serves two purposes - help people to watch their calories, and to help feed the hungry.

We started with a simple question: what if there was a way to transfer the extra calories we consume but don't need to those who are desperately hungry?

The app we're building enables its users to track their calories, both consumed and resisted, then to donate an equivalent amount to a charity dedicated to helping the poor. This has multiple benefits: beyond the weight-loss of our users, and the crucial help they'll be able to offer, we believe that knowing your calories could go to someone in need will incentivize users more than a simple calorie-counter might otherwise do.

We know there are many calorie counting apps available, and we hope they'll all soon include this feature.

Latest News

Three weeks since start. Beginning SEO efforts, and continuing to build app.

Two weeks in. App is now connecting to for more robust search results, and our first charity is looking at integrating with the app now.

Registered Now let's see if we can make this happen, shall we?

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It's not insurmountable. Not anymore.

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Hunger Fact
More than 125,000 children under 5 died of starvation in Somalia alone in 2012. Source: BBC
Obesity facts
2/3rds of Americans age 20 and older are overweight or obese. Source: CDC
ResistHunger takes zero - ZERO - money from users' donations to charity. Help us keep our servers and app alive by sponsoring us.