our board

Founder, Lead Programmer

Randy Tayler

Randy is a software engineer originally from Sarasota, Florida. He served for two years as a missionary in many poverty-stricken parts of Argentina, where he learned how many in the world lived. ResistHunger is his brainchild.

our vision

Every drop in the bucket counts.

We citizens of the United States enjoy a measure of luxury that the majority of the world may never know. With this blessing comes opportunity and responsibility. Our hope is that users of the ResistHunger app will:

  • Improve their health,
  • Reduce their medical costs, and
  • Save lives.
The Information Age has opened the doors to solutions that world never could have achieved just a few decades ago.

our mission

Save lives at home and abroad.
The plague of obesity that has stricken Americans is tragic, but avoidable, and even reversible. Every measure we take to improve the health of our citizenry is worth the effort. And when coupled with the motivation to save other lives, the drive to improve one's own health will be multiplied.

our staff

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